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How to Record Picture in Picture Videos

Here are two modes can record picture in picture video. The one is Record Screen mode, the other is Record Game mode.

  • Step 1: Download and Install

    Download and install HitPaw Screen recorder to your computer, you can simply click the download button below:

  • Step 2: Click to Select Recording Area

    Click on Record Screen option, then you can long-press the left button of your mouse and drag it to select the area to record. If you choose the Record game option, select the game from the drop-down box to start.

    picture in picture recording
  • Step 3: Start to Record

    Click on Record button to start recording, you can also click the same button again to pause recording. The button beside Stop is a quick way to get screenshot, you can have a try if needed.

    recording picture in picture

    During the recording, you can click switch the PIP position and size as you want. What’s more, there are two quick picture in picture modes. Select the first one, the webcam will on the top of screen with a small size. Select the second on, you webcam will on the bottom of screen with a large size.

  • Step 4: End Recording and Edit Video

    Click the Stop button to finish the recording, the software will take you to the editing interface automatically. Trim your video in one click or directly go to the output folder to check it.

    trim picture in picture videos

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